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Philips FM1000 Series

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Philips FM1000 Series (FM1100/FM1200/FM1300)

This radio is EXTREMELY flexible and has a loyal following in the amateur fraternity.
Many modifications have been published which vary from simple programming using a computer to full-blown conversions featuring wideband coverage, CTCSS, Selcall, variable power control, all the bells and whistles in fact.

The major drawback for mobile use is that the alphanumeric LCD display could be better - it's not very readable unless you're close in and directly in front of it. OK, so my eyesight's not what it was, but the STORNO 6000 has a gas discharge display that's far better, except in full sun. At night, the only form of illumination available on the FM1000 control head is a piddly little lightbulb with a green cover situated just behind the volume knob which is barely able to make the LCD visible. Not up to modern standards at all.

English Electricity Supply Industry FM1200 radio
with keypad control head (internally, Type 1 Control Board) - FM1200 Type SB014
- This one ex-Eastern Electricity.

(LEFT) - Electricity Supply Industry SB014 (Midband 12.5kHz) FM1200 with Keypad Head. The ESI sets all came with a full remote mounting kit, fist microphone, hands-free with VOX. The control board is a Type 1, which is ideal for nearly solderless modification using the various 27C512-based EPROM kits available. This one's on 2m using the PA4DEN Freeware Mod. More information in the links at the bottom of the page.

(RIGHT) - Electricity Industry SE011 (Low Band 12.5kHz) FM1100 with the Standard Console. These sets have a keypad microphone for selecting channels. Not always suitable for EPROM reprogramming, the use of a Portable Data Programmer (PDP) or Computer Data Programmer (CDP) or a G3YUH Computer Programming/Control interface may be necessary (see for details). A nice set. This particular one was decommissioned last year as the electricity company that owned it has now moved to a TETRA network.

Electricity Industry FM1100 radio with
Standard control head - FM1100 Type SE011 (Low Band 12.5kHz non-trunked).

Philips FM1000 Series PMR Mobiles (FM1100, FM1200)

  • The FM1000 Collection: - for detailed modification information for the FM1200 - including the JRC-specific Type 1 control boards.
  • If you own an FM1000 series radio from Philips/Pye/Simoco or you're interested in them, join the mailing list 'FM1000Series:' 
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  • The Philips Mobile Radio Collection:
  • Conversion for 6 Metres: Bernie Wright's instruction page has moved from to his new business site at: Eastern Analogue and RF Ltd. A good, detailed, illustrated set of instructions for converting an E-Band FM1000 Series radio for F-Band (54-68MHz).

More Information

  • User's Guide for the ESI Version of the FM1200
    [PDF 2.3MB](1993)
    This is the handbook issued to all users of the FM1200(ESI) and covers the functions programmed in for the Electricity Supply Industry JRC-Band trunked network.
  • Network Diagnostics Manual for the Engineering version of the ESI FM1200
    [PDF 324kB](1993)
    This manual gives instructions on how to use the network diagnostics (Engineering Mode) of certain suitably-equipped Electricity Supply Industry JRC-Band trunked network FM1200 Mobiles. Other versions of the FM1200-series may have similar functionality, YMMV...
  • System Functional Description for the ESI Version of the FM1200
    [PDF 6MB](1993)
    This is the full System Functional Description for the FM1200(ESI version) which describes exactly how the radio shall interact with the ESI network. Probably of use to those with an interest in how trunked radio networks work - especially the slighty non-standard ESI one - "It's MPT1327, Jim, but not as we know it..".
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