JRC Mobile PMR Equipment

By Simon Parsons, JRC's PMR Manager

Over the years the JRC's membership has used lots of different radio equipment - much of the older stuff is often seen at amateur radio boot sales and is often relatively easy to modify for amateur radio use.

We often get enquiries about this equipment, so here is a short list of sample modification and "Fan" sites to get you started. We hope to have some more specific information sourced locally in the next few weeks but don't hold your breath - we don't do this for a living!

NOTE: If you destroy your radio equipment by following (or NOT following) the instructions on these pages - don't blame us!

Whilst it's perfectly possible to come across base stations, it is the mobile terminals that are most likely to turn up at rallies and boot sales. What we hope to do is to aid in the identification and conversion of this equipment into something useful now they've "retired".