Nokia R40 and R58


A very tidy radio which, with a little modification to the control head, can support direct frequency entry. This radio has the nicest and most ergonomic control head - all the required functions seem to be in the right place - or so the Nokia adherents claim!

The Electricity and Gas Industries both used this radio, along with the older R58 which looked a bit like a 1980s Analogue mobile phone. Ex-JRC models in the second-hand market will be either MidBand or UHF (both UHF1 and UHF2 models were in use).

There are no more Nokia-based JRC UHF Trunked systems in use in the industry. Any UHF sets found will be ex-Gas, so if it's not a gas set it will most likely be a VHF Mid-Band one. You may sometimes find a "Red Head" at a boot sale. Red Heads are the servicing and maintenance heads for the R40 series. Although it's possible to make a normal "Grey Head" work like a red one, Red Heads are better. Buy it.

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