Marconi RC630

Marconi RC630

This radio was used in most of the UK Electricity networks. It's seen service in some Transco MPT1327 networks too, although these have now shut down. The equipment is remote controlled from a rather stylish (very retro) 1980s-style CarPhone handset which, apart from controlling the radio had a handy clock function! Nobody uses them any more, although there are plenty lying around in workshops and store rooms (and landfill).

Despite having the retro handset/controller, internally it's a nicely designed bit of kit, although the RC630 is generally considered to be unreliable and early models suffered from a rather fragile receiver front end.

Unlike the other mobiles used on JRC networks this equipment was specifically designed for MPT1327-based trunking networks and is consequently VERY difficult to modify for amateur use. It's unlikely that the equipment is any use at all outside a JRC-band trunking network. If you find one at a rally it's best to avoid it unless you happen to have a restored 1990s Gas Board Transit van and want an authentic radio to complete the effect. Don't laugh - people will restore anything!

Marconi RC630 with executive handset and (not visible) Engineering Software!

To the best of my knowledge, there is no information on modifying this equipment for the Amateur bands and apart from an obscure reference to the RC630 on a Hong Kong government web site listing it as approved for use on trunked networks there are no references on the net to this radio. Anywhere.

The pictured set (above) has Marconi Engineering Software installed which enables it to be used to diagnose JRC MPT1327 network parameters, follow calls about, change its identity, you name it. Very nice.