Storno S6000 Series PMR Radios

Storno 6000

The STORNO 6000 Series mobile was probably the most flexible and well designed PMR set of it's day. It's completely over the top in every aspect. It auto-tunes itself to the selected frequency, it's got all sorts of fancy performance bells and whistles, in fact even it's "bell and whistle" isn't a simple piezo buzzer but a fully polyphonic sound system. You can play music on it... This radio outperforms many modern sets except for a couple of little niggles:
The only downsides to this radio are that whilst it has a highly visible gas discharge remote display it's only one line, which isn't very flexible. Programming the "6000" requires an EEPROM blower or using a programming key and the front panel which is not for the faint-hearted. That being said, this radio is a must - if you can find anyone willing to sell you one.

If you have one, then all you need to identify and program it is in the links below.

An ex-British Gas UHF S6446, modified for the amateur bands and installed in a Vauxhall Astra dashboard.