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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the acronym "JRC" mean?

To us, JRC currently stands for "Joint Radio Company" although in the past it meant "Joint Radio Committee", which was the short name for the "Joint Radio Committee of the Nationalised Fuel and Power Industries" and also "Joint Radio Committee of the Fuel and Power Industries".

Do you sell/make Radar Equipment, Fish Finders, Satellite Communications equipment, etc?

No, you're thinking of the Japan Radio Company which is a completely different organisation with no links to the Joint Radio Company whatsoever. They used to have an office in the UK but are currently based in the Netherlands. Try www.jrcEurope.com for more information or ring +31 20 658 0750 if you want to speak to someone about your equipment requirements or problems.

What is your position on Wind Energy?

We have no position, as such, and remain impartial. Our membership includes wind energy developers as well as those affected by the erection of wind turbines.

Can anyone join the JRC?

Yes. Although we started off representing the UK Energy Industries, this is now purely historical. There's no reason why we can't represent any radio user group or licensee requiring professional spectrum management services.

If I want you to do some work for me, can you do it?

Well, yes. We usually only work in the UK and Ireland, but may be able to help elsewhere. Please contact us via Enquiries@jrc.co.uk and discuss your requirements. 

Do you just manage spectrum then?

Yes... and no. We're able to undertake everything from simple service area plots for single base stations to negotiating blocks of spectrum from Ofcom or other sources and planning entire radio networks. We coordinate wind turbines into the existing radio environment as well as conduct mitigation studies. If we can't do the work ourselves we'll find you someone who can do it for you!

What sort of spectrum do you manage?

We deal primarily with PMR Mobile Radio (PMR) and SCADA spectrum (Scanning Telemetry). Our staff also have a broad experience of all sorts of communications technologies and can usually point you in the right direction if you're lost.

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