spectrum management, radio and telecommunications services

JRC Advisory Committees

The JRC used to have several committees governing and steering it's processes. Since the Joint Radio Company was formed the onus has been on simplification and so the older task-based structure has gone to be replaced with a broader skills-based system. There are now just two committees (rolled into one):

The JRC Advisory Group (JAG)

JAG (another recursive acronym!) covers the whole spectrum of JRC activities, but split into two distinct streams: Strategic Planning and Implementation Issues. Meetings tend to be either one or the other but rarely both at the same time. This allows attendees to be chosen for their skills and they don't get bored (or underutilised).

Strategic Planning

To provide JRC Ltd and the gas and electricity industries with strategic advice and respond to external policy initiatives, focusing principally on those issues with a time horizon beyond the 2 year outlook of the Implementation Issues meetings.

Terms of Reference

  • To review long term options for radiocommunications within the gas and electricity industries and advise JRC on areas for investigation e.g. public networks, private networks, data communications.
  • To develop responses to government policy initiatives, e.g. White Paper on spectrum pricing; Telecommunications Act; regulatory activities.
  • To respond to Ofcom and Regulators' initiatives.
  • To respond to international issues affecting utilities' spectrum e.g. World Radio Conference Agenda proposals and European Radiocommunications Office Detailed Spectrum Investigations.
  • To advise on JRC participation in R&D activities, e.g. UK Virtual Centre of Excellence on Mobile and Personal Communications and European Union Collaborative R&D programmes.
  • To monitor, appraise and report to members on new technological developments.
  • To advise on relationships with other bodies, e.g. ETSI, FCS.
  • To predict likely future requirements for radio spectrum by the gas and electricity industries.
  • To produce advice and strategic analysis to the Managing Director of JRC Ltd and for member companies. Implementation Issues

Implementation Laws

To advise JRC on day to day issues surrounding management of the spectrum allocated to the fuel and power industries and act as a forum for resolving problems affecting gas and electricity use of the spectrum, focusing specifically on issues of current concern and extending to a 2 year time horizon.

Terms of Reference

  • To identify and appraise business benefits of existing key technologies to produce briefing notes for member companies.
  • To advise on apportionment of spectrum between members, resolve conflicts over sharing and develop band plans (where appropriate).
  • To advise on sharing of "JRC" spectrum with other companies and organisations.
  • To provide to JRC nominations for members of government consultative committees on behalf of the industry, in particular Ofcom consultative committees.
  • To advise on resolution of interference problems experienced by members.
  • To advise on monitoring use of spectrum by members and forecast traffic growth.
  • To identify technical issues requiring resolution.
  • To advise on where to seek relationships with manufacturers and service providers to stimulate development of products and services to improve the gas and electricity industries' use of their investment.
  • To identify technological developments which could usefully be brought to the attention of all members.
  • To identify for JRC radio standardisation work where it is important for the industries to be involved.
  • To report to the Managing Director of JRC and member companies.